About us

Two guys called Paul

We have the same name and the same initials. This can make meetings pretty confusing. We love making video and ... we love making it dead easy for you to do the same, helping businesses to use video to reach audiences and market themselves.

One of us has been presenting and producing videos for over 20 years, the other has spent over 15 years helping businesses market themselves in the ever expanding online world.

Paul Martin

Maker of marketing magic
  • More than 18 years of digital and marketing expertise
  • A whizz at marketing from strategy to delivery, action planning to performance, reporting and delivery
  • Pretty handy with web development and performance, SEO and conversion
  • I'm experienced at creating marketing assets too (web, video, audio, graphic, print)
  • I play a mean guitar and fix my motorbike ... lots.

Paul Mumford

Maker of mighty fine videos
  • Over 25 years of presenting and producing experience
  • A whizz at creating concepts, turning them into video, pre and post video production
  • Pretty handy as a presenter having worked for BBC, Capital Radio, FitPro and GWR
  • I'm an experienced coach too, especially when it comes to presenter training
  • I go running with no shoes on and once entered my friends car into a demolition derby ... without telling her.

Looking forward to meeting you