Five ways to get attention and keep it


There’s one vital element of any social video that can make or break your success.


Let’s explore why those golden moments are so important and what you can do to get the best out of them.

Why is the start of your video so important?

A lot of people will scroll through social media on their phones and only stop when something gets their attention.

Therefore your video needs to stand out from all the other noise and stop that scrolling finger.

The problem doesn’t end there either.

Making someone stop is one thing but encouraging them to stick around is quite another. On Facebook you can see vital statistics that not only tell you how many people viewed your video but how many of those viewers hung around beyond 10 seconds.

Upshot is you don’t have long to get their attention. If you get their finger to stop scrolling you will need some compelling content to hook them in and keep them watching right to the end.

Five ways to get attention and keep it

1. Understand what they want to see

If you have done your audience research you will already know how your target market thinks. That puts you in the perfect position to serve up video content they want to see.

If you give them what they want in the first place they are more likely to stop, watch and interact with your post.

2. Get right to the point

Remember you can’t hang around here. All that pressing record, gathering your thoughts, adjusting your clothing and generally getting ready to speak should be reserved for the cutting room floor.

Instead get right to the point. Tell your viewer what they are about to see and do it as clearly as possible.

Remember you don’t have long so every second counts.

3. Be visually impactful

If you want that finger to stop scrolling you need to hit them between the eyes with something visually appealing to them (see point 1). Put yourself in the mind of your ideal customer and try to imagine what they would like to see. What will make them stop scrolling?

4. Tease the end at the start

If you want your audience to watch all of your video it might help to tell them what they’ll get for hanging around. Let’s say you have an offer, a free e-book or something else they can go check out. Tease that content right up front. For example your opening gambit might be something like:

“I’m about to show you some the exciting new products we have in our Summer collection. Take a look and at the end I’ll tell you how you can get an exclusive 25% off voucher”.

5. Be seen as well as heard

Over 80% of social media users do not have the sound turned on. Yep, they watch but they don’t listen. Therefore your video needs to make as much sense without sound as it does with it.

You will no doubt have seen some videos that begin with a caption asking you to turn the sound on. This doesn’t always work. The reason most people have sound off is because they are in a place where they can’t (or don’t want to) activate the speakers on their phones.

Therefore it’s vital that you use captions or graphics to show your audience what you are saying … as well has having great audio.

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