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Are you making this big mistake on social media?

When you create a business account or page on Instagram or Facebook, what’s the first thing your gonna do? Is your answer to invite all of your friends and contacts?


While that is really tempting it’s not a good idea. In fact, you’re actually doing more harm than good and inviting everyone you know could actually lead to a couple of big problems.

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Three common video mistakes and how to fix them

When you’re making a video, for the first time it’s tempting to take a look at what everyone else is doing first. However that means you are in danger of making the same mistakes they make. There are a lot of mistakes that novice video marketers make and that can result in a poor performance.

So here are three of the more common mistakes we see and how to fix them. Read more “Three common video mistakes and how to fix them”


Three golden rules to making great videos

This may surprise you but the most important aspects of making a video that gets results have nothing to do with how you hold the camera, getting the audio right, adding graphics or even which camera to use.

Sure those things do need some consideration but if your goal is to make a video (or videos) that grabs attention and gets results then there are three important boxes to tick first.

When you’ve got these three things in place not only will your videos make a bigger splash with your chosen audience, they will be hungry to see more. Read more “Three golden rules to making great videos”


Why do you need captions?

So you’ve made an awesome video, you’ve uploaded it, what next? Have you created any captions? You might think including captions (or subtitles) to your video is a long winded and unnecessary thing to do but it could be the difference between getting your video seen and not noticed at all.

There are two very important reasons why you need to add captions to all of your videos. Let’s dive in and find out why. More importantly, how do you add them in the first place? Read more “Why do you need captions?”


Five ways to to build better relationships on social…

If you want to succeed at the social media game and generate income from it you’ll need to put in a little work. Social media is all about being social. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and their pals want you to be social.

Let’s face it why wouldn’t you want to be social anyway? We all know people buy from people or businesses they know and trust. In order for a relationship to reach that level you have to work at it. There are no short cuts. But the good news is it can be fun and rewarding.

So with all that in mind here are five ways you can build better relationships on social media and win more business.

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