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Are you making this big mistake on social media?

When you create a business account or page on Instagram or Facebook, what’s the first thing your gonna do? Is your answer to invite all of your friends and contacts?


While that is really tempting it’s not a good idea. In fact, you’re actually doing more harm than good and inviting everyone you know could actually lead to a couple of big problems.

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Five ways to to build better relationships on social…

If you want to succeed at the social media game and generate income from it you’ll need to put in a little work. Social media is all about being social. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and their pals want you to be social.

Let’s face it why wouldn’t you want to be social anyway? We all know people buy from people or businesses they know and trust. In order for a relationship to reach that level you have to work at it. There are no short cuts. But the good news is it can be fun and rewarding.

So with all that in mind here are five ways you can build better relationships on social media and win more business.

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Why is video marketing so important?

Scroll through any social media channel and you’ll find it’s increasingly populated by video. Businesses small and large are starting to realise that the game is changing and in order to keep up, they need to embrace video as a primary marketing tool. Let’s have a look at a few reasons why video has overtaken the world of content marketing and where the future lies. Read more “Why is video marketing so important?”


Five ways to grow an audience faster

Wanna reach more people online faster? Of course you do. Well there are plenty of easy things you can do that will make that happen. Some are very specific to the platform (Facebook, Instagram, Google etc). However there are loads of neat little things you can do that will work in virtually any situation … even in the real world.

So let’s dive in and check out 5 ways you can easily make a difference and grow an audience of the kind of people you want to connect with who will ultimately turn into paying customers.

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How to look awesome on a video call

We’re all spending an increasing amount of time in front of a camera while the world is on lockdown during the coronavirus crisis.

Most of us will be conducting or taking part in meetings on Zoom, GoTo Meeting, FaceTime, MS Teams and other apps like it.

So how do you make sure you look smart and professional on camera as much as you are when meeting people in the flesh?

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