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Why do you need captions?

So you’ve made an awesome video, you’ve uploaded it, what next? Have you created any captions? You might think including captions (or subtitles) to your video is a long winded and unnecessary thing to do but it could be the difference between getting your video seen and not noticed at all.

There are two very important reasons why you need to add captions to all of your videos. Let’s dive in and find out why. More importantly, how do you add them in the first place? Read more “Why do you need captions?”


Why you should avoid inviting friends to like your…

If you’ve created a business page or group on Facebook and invite us to like it, please don’t be offended if we don’t accept. we could be doing you a favour and here’s why.

It’s really tempting when you’ve created your page to invite every one of your friends to like it. Once upon a time this may have been a good tactic. However, you’re actually doing more harm than good and doing this can actually lead to a couple of big problems.

Read more “Why you should avoid inviting friends to like your Facebook page”