Six ways to build a strong local digital presence


What a year it’s been! … We hope you’re ok!

One of things we’ve all learned … is that business CAN continue, especially by increasing the amount of times you bump into potential clients online. So making sure you have a strong online presence is essential! Enter … digital marketing!

97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else (source: SEO Tribunal)

Digital marketing is essential for promoting your products or services, AND optimising your online presence is very important in being successful online.

For local businesses is as important to have updated and accurate information as it is to be online!, because we rely on the platforms, Google or Facebook for example, to respond to the search behaviour – what you search for in Google – or platform behaviour, what you like and engage with on say Facebook, to hopefully tell a prospective client about your business.

E.g. if you run a local mortgage brokers, you want facebook to put information about you onto the timeline content of a local person who shows behaviours on facebook indicative of needing a mortgage. They might be clicking on other mortgage or housing move content for example.

So … we thought we’d share 6 thing you could concentrate on.

1. Know your audience

As always … marketing always begins with knowing who you want to reach. It never starts with you and what you want to say.

And you want to get clear as possible and move away from a general audience.

Start by thinking about your existing customers and who you’d like to work with.

Ask some questions …

  • What is pushing them to make a purchasing decision?
  • What does it look like if they succeed?
  • What problem, do they need solved?
  • What is frustrating them?

Asking a few simple questions will help you craft messaging that resonates and makes a compelling case for your solution = RELEVANCE! (An often used word in marketing, one of the most important!).

2. Think about why you’re special!

Understanding what is different is the way to start to forge a reason for why someone should buy from you over your competitors.

  • What do you do better?
  • What do you do different?
  • Why buy from you?

Think about it, and craft some compelling and relevant words around this and you’ve got even more persuasive content to pop out on your website and social media channels.

3. Stay focussed

So many social media platforms! And they’re so busy … HELLPPPPPP!

You may have noticed that there are a gazillion directions you can go in. It’s easy to take on too much.

So … identify where the biggest impact will be.

  • Is there a platform or method that is most effective? (Email marketing for example if you have a Business to business services company)
  • Is there a tactic that works above all others? (Could be a refer a friend mechanism, or a % off incentive or similar)

Focus your activities on the most useful channels and tactics and stick to them (for now).

4. Focus on quick wins

At this stage look for things that work and perform well. By doing this you will focus your limited resources on things that work. For example, SEO is a great strategy but one that takes time to build up.  So at this stage focus on quick wins and not lots of spend. For example facebook advertising, which is easy to set up, doesn’t need much money, contains great targeting tools and great data/insights … might be a better way forward in the immediate.

At this stage, focus on converting people into customers, as opposed to wider awareness raising, (you might have to be prepared to give a little more away) and stick to the channels that they use.

Later you can broaden your tactics as you scale and smarten it all up. At this stage you can resource wider promotion activity.

5. Make more of those wins

Once you’ve tried a few things take a good look at the data. What has worked, what hasn’t … repeat the success by repeating proven methods or generating revenue.

6. Don’t forget your lovely existing customers!

According to Forbes, it costs 5 times more to attract new customers than it does to induce purchases out of your existing customers.

Of course you want new customers, but don’t forget that some of the most immediate revenue will be from your existing customer base.

It’s no surprise really. They are already qualified for relevance, they have already shown that they want what you have. And they are already brand aware, they’ve bought from you before. They trust you!

Identify your opportunities for repeat purchasing, up-selling, and cross-selling.

If you’ve provided a good experience, you’ve given them a reason to do business with you again should the need ever arise.

And in circumstances where they might not buy again, for example they bought a one-and-done type purchase, then still market to them, with delightful content to garner word or mouth, recommendation type reactions.

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So we hope that helps.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss more.

There are always opportunities, we’re here to help!

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