Why you should avoid inviting friends to like your Facebook page


If you’ve created a business page or group on Facebook and invite us to like it, please don’t be offended if we don’t accept. we could be doing you a favour and here’s why.

It’s really tempting when you’ve created your page to invite every one of your friends to like it. Once upon a time this may have been a good tactic. However, you’re actually doing more harm than good and doing this can actually lead to a couple of big problems.

Problem 1: You get less engagement

Facebook is a social media platform. It likes us to be social.

Therefore, if there’s a post on your page that’s getting loads of comments and interaction, Facebook’s algorithm will show that post to more people.

If you’ve invited all of your friends to like your page, there’s a fair chance they will have accepted just because they want to support you (which is nice). But that can have a damaging effect on the performance of your page.

Let’s say, for example, your business sells candles to people in Scunthorpe. Not all of your friends will like candles or live in Scunthorpe. Therefore they are not in your target market. So they will be less interested in the content on your page and less likely to interact with your posts.

Upshot is your post gets fewer comments and a lower organic reach which means Facebook is less likely to serve it up to more people and you sell fewer candles.

Problem 2: You reach fewer people

Facebook learns from the information you give it. So give it the right information.

PM2 MediaIf your page is populated by candle lovers from Scunthorpe (which also makes a great band name) then Facebook will suggest your page to more people who have shown an interest in candles and live in Scunthorpe.

If however the friends on your page are mostly from Kent and like motorbikes then Facebook will serve your page up to more people like that instead. Result, your reach goes down and so do your candle sales becuase your serving content about candles, to motorbike lovers.

You’re also less likely to get good growth in subsequent follows and likes because Facebook is offering your stuff to the wrong people, and less of them (see point 1).

The upshot is, inviting your friends to like your page, has a negative impact on your page’s performance.

What’s the solution? … Relevancy

So how do you get followers on your new, shiny page that won’t hurt its future performance?

The answer: its all about maximising relevancy!

1. Invite the right friends

It’s all about hitting the right people with your product or service. If you only populate your page with candle lovers from Scunthorpe from the get go, Facebook is more likely to find you more of the same. So, if someone on your friend list does not fit the bill, don’t invite them.

2. Share your page organically

There are lots of ways you can do that. Put a link or button on your website, share your page via other social media platforms or share it within Facebook on groups. The golden rule though is however you share your page, make sure you only share it with people who would be interested in what you have to offer.

3. Offer content that will engage with your audience

If you have a page filled with the right people, offer them the right content. Press the right buttons and their lights will come on. Give your audience reasons to comment on and share your posts. This in turn will attract more like minded people and boom! You’re selling candles in Scunthorpe.

The golden rule with successful marketing on social media is not about getting the most amount of likes possible. It’s about getting likes from the right people who will turn into customers and buy from you.

With all that in mind, we post tips like these ones all the time on our own social media channels. If you’re not part of our little social world already come and say hi.

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