Three ways to kill it on Instagram



There are lots of simple ways you can make a bigger splash on Instagram that go beyond simply making great content (that’s another blog for another time). These three little tweaks will help you get discovered more and get people interacting with your posts more. All that leads to a busier Instagram experience for you and ultimately more income.

Tidy up your profile

The profile section of your Instagram account is key for people who discover you for the first time. It also helps people discover you in the first place. Here’s what to fix to make sure you get the best from your bio.

Name: Rather than using this for your actual name, use this section to give a brief description of what the account is about. For example if you sell cakes in Glasgow you might want to choose something like ‘Yummy cakes for Glasgow’. Your username is probably already your business name anyway. No point in repeating yourself. Using a descriptive name means you get discovered more on Instagram’s search. Most importantly you’ll be discovered by people from Glasgow looking for yummy cakes.

Website: Makes sure this link actually takes people somewhere useful. This is the only opportunity you have to directly link your audience to somewhere outside the Instagram world so think about where you’d like people to go. It might be a website but equally you might choose a Facebook group or a YouTube channel. Obviously you can change this as and when you need to point people to different things.

Bio: With your bio you have a golden opportunity to really speak to your audience. Remember it’s about them and not you. Think about the type of audience you’re trying to attract and tell them why they should stick around. Think about keywords here too. These are the words or phrases that people might use in order to search for content like yours. It’s also a perfect opportunity to slip in a few hashtags (more on that next).

Ramp up your # game

Hashtags are words or phrases that help your content to get discovered. They are key to really killing it on Instagram so it’s important to spend a little time understanding how they work. You can use up to 30 different hashtags in a post but 10 to 15 tends to be the number that has the best effect.

Do a little research to discover which ones work best for you niche. Look at posts from competitors to see what they use (especially posts that have performed well) and use this as a basis for your own hashtag strategy. Adding a few locations will help too if your business trades in a certain area only.

A couple of golden rules you should follow. Make sure all of your hashtags are relevant to each post and avoid using the same list of hashtags in the same order for each post. Instagram will see this as spammy activity and assume your account is not run by a human.

Be more social

After all, Instagram is a social media platform.

One habit we’ve employed that really works is to welcome every new follower with a direct message. However you will want to make this personal. There are automated responders that will do this for you but they are easy to spot. Send each new follower a voice message saying hi and asking an open question (one they will have to answer with more than a yes, no or thumbs up).

This habit works really well because your new follower will not expect it. They get a personal hello from you and get to hear the voice behind the account. It will help to spark a conversation with your new follower and who knows where that may lead. At the very least they will be more inclined to like and comment on your post which means more engagement and ‘bingo’ you start showing up in their feeds more.

The same rules apply to comments. If someone takes the time to comment on your post, take the time to a) comment back (and again open up a conversation) and b) go check out some of their posts and return the favour.

You may also find that some followers will decide to browse through some of your old posts and like a whole bunch of them at once. If this happens, drop them a direct voice message to say thanks and again, open up a conversation. Find out what they liked and perhaps a little more about them.


All these little tactics will help to ensure you get a richer experience from Instagram. Ultimately you are looking for more than just more followers. You want followers who engage with you and ultimately turn into paying customers. So give them what they want and start talking.

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