How to light your video properly


Spending a little time on lighting can make a huge difference to your videos. Lighting can make you appear, friendly, scary or even invisible. However, fixing your lighting is easy and vital to make you (or your subject) look fantastic. You might not even have to spend anything to do it.

How to light your video

Good lighting can make your video (and you) look fantastic. It can make you appear friendly, approachable and healthy.

If the lighting isn’t right sometimes your background can appear clearer than you are (which can be a distraction). If there’s only light on a part of your face it can make you look hostile, un-approachable or even scary.

Filming outside

If the weather is great and you have the perfect location get outside where you’ll find the best lighting rig there is, the sun.

Just remember that you are lighting the most important part of the video, your face. So the sun needs to be behind the camera and facing you. Even if it’s off to one side this can create
shadows which will make one half of your face darker than the other.

The best time to do this is when the sun is lower in the sky. So later in the afternoon or early in the morning.

Filming inside

You can still shoot your video indoors but make sure you follow the same rules when it comes to the direction of light.

Pick a room that has a large window and shoot on a clear bright day. Place the camera pointing away from the window so you are facing the light.

If you do this the other way around, with the window behind you, your background will be nicely lit and you won’t. This will draw the eye towards the well lit background and away
from you.

Finally, if you decide to invest in a softbox lighting kit, the same rules apply. Remember to light the subject, the point of focus.

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