Marketing Management

Digital Marketing Management - PM2 MediaSo you you’ve got a brand, a product or service and you want to get more people to be aware of you, to tell their colleagues and friends about you and ultimately to buy your services.

There are lots of things to do to:

  • Raise your profile
  • Create rapport with your key audiences
  • Raise interest
  • Build credibility
  • Demonstrate you bring benefit
  • Introduce your products and services
  • Get people to buy
  • Stay engaged with your audiences
  • Encourage repeat business

Understanding what to do and when

There are so many great tools and opportunities on the internet today, all of which work together to build profile and send strong signals to Search Engines that you are worth checking out as one of the best answers to a searchers search term.

Using all these tools in the right way and at the right time can be a little baffling. It takes time, planning, reviewing, optimising and reporting to ensure you take the right approach and that you keep driving the campaign forward to ensure performance.

Marketing management

We can help you with that! We spend time understanding what you need and creating a plan that will achieve your goals.

Depending on your objectives this can involve:

  • Developing specific areas of your website (large or small) to engage your audiences and gently persuading them to complete a task
  • Content marketing – creating and publishing a steady flow of content to raise your profile and draw readers into your brand
  • Advertising – carefully creating, publishing and optimising paid campaigns on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and in Search Engines to push you in front of desired but probably cold, audiences

Releasing your time to drive your business

This all takes time, planning and careful management. . . . Marketing Management.

We can help you grow your profile and hit your objectives by acting as specialists in your business using digital tools to drive awareness and growth.

We spend time creating and deploy your plan and keep watching it and optimising it to make sure it delivers results.

We can help you with

  • SEO (search engine optimisation) - Maximising the visibility of your website in front of people in search engines.
  • SEM (search engine marketing) - Maximising your visibility in search engines from paid traffic driven by advertising.
  • Branding - More than just a logo or a typeface. Branding can incorporate the way you talk, the messages you share and the way you look in front of your audiences. Are you consistent across all your channels?
  • Website review - We’ll look at your existing website and suggest changes that will help people to discover you more, visit your website more often (and for longer) and most importantly connect with you more.
  • Email marketing - We can help you to make the most of your email lists or even generate one from scratch. Then you can better serve your existing client base and generate new business.
  • Social Media Marketing - Are you talking to the right people in the right places? Are you offering value to your audiences and posting content that they will want to share and interact with?

We’ll crunch the numbers to see what your audiences like already. Then we can create campaigns and content to help them interact with you more.

  • Content creation - Whether it’s graphics, photography, video, blogs or other written content. We can create the right elements for your campaigns and objectives. The right content to get you noticed.
  • Optimising Performance - The ultimate goal. Making sure the data moves in the right way, your audiences like what they see and your marketing goals are achieved. We can monitor the data and react accordingly, fine tuning your engine on a regular basis to get the right results.

Digital MOT

To achieve marketing success, it can help to look at what we call your ‘digital estate’ as a whole (website, social media channels, search visibility etc).

Just like the engine of a car, it’s important that each element is doing its job so your car can run smoothly. We can perform a digital MOT to determine which parts are running well and which could use a little re-tuning. Then we can build a plan to help you to achieve your goals.

We can:

  • repair and/or build the right parts
  • take it all on the road and manage the day to day running of your digital estate in the right way to achieve your marketing and business goals.

Some of the elements we can look at and manage are:

  • Goals and objectives - We’ll learn a little about your business, your past, present and future. What are you looking to achieve with your marketing strategies
  • Audiences - Who are they? How much do you know about the people you wish to attract
  • Competition - We’ll take a look at competing businesses in your market. Check out what they are doing to win their audiences (and yours). How successful are they
  • Your website - How well is performing in search. What common terms would your desired audience search for? Which ones bring up your site? What happens when people visit your website? What do they look at? How long do they stay for? What do they do next?
  • Paid advertising - We’ll look at the digital advertising you pay for (if any) and assess how it’s doing at serving up your content to the right people.
  • Social media - How are your different channels performing? Not only in terms of likes and follows but how about specific posts? Which types of content work best? When are people looking at your content? How old are they? Where do they live?

Book your digital MOT

We can perform a full appraisal of your digital estate or just take a look a one or two elements. Then we can design a marketing plan based on what we discover and what you want to achieve. Get in touch to talk with us about managing your marketing plans.