Our work

Regal Kitchens

Regal Kitchens wanted to showcase a recent project as well as highlighting the unique service they offer cooking a 3 course meal for their clients to demonstrate the new appliances in their own kitchen. We were invited along to put together this video for their website and to enter this beautiful kitchen for an award.

We managed to combine three videos into one for the full edit below. This gave us the opportunity to create shorter edits for social media that showcased the kitchen, the client testimonials and the cooking experience Regal offer to clients. We're certainly looking forward to working more with Emma and the team in the future.

Therapy Direct

Therapy Direct managing director Ross Tomkins wanted a series of videos to promote his book based around his experiences running his healthcare business.

To produce the videos we spent time helping Ross to pick his topics, helped him with a story board and creating a call to action. We also worked on his presenting technique to make him feel relaxed and confident speaking in front of a camera, something he had little experience with.

In August 2019, Ross climbed Mount Elbrus in Russia to raise money for a local charity. Before he left we helped Ross with a few filming ideas and armed only with an iPhone, off he went to Russia. On his return Ross sent us a series of clips from his trip which we compiled into this video to help him raise more funds.

Stop The World Cafe

We took over Stop The World's digital estate to modernise their presence online, help increase footfall in their cafe and increase their social following. As well as re-building their website we ran campaigns across Facebook and Instagram which included a series of short videos to showcase their very unique business.

Right, now that's made us thirsty. Who's for a nice cup of coffee?

Barefoot Junkie

Barefoot Junkie are a retail company that specialise in products like the Vibram FiveFingers shoes. Wanting to step into the world of video marketing they approached us. They also saw the need for a 'front man' to become the face of their brand and chose our very own Paul Mumford.

They wanted a series of videos that clearly explained the benefits of each shoe in the range and shared a little on the philosophy behind them. At the same time they wanted something both visually engaging and entertaining.

We also spent some time building their following on Facebook and Instagram with regular, targeted posting that demonstrated the philosophies behind their product and the benefits to people who had not yet dipped their toes in the water (see what we did there). As well as providing graphics, photos and blogs we produced a series of videos that showcased the benefits of wearing Vibram FiveFingers. Like this one below with Osteopath Jamie Lauder.

Unique Results

Unique Results are a successful community gym based in Chelmsford, Essex. Their founder, James St Pierre has adopted a very different approach to health care and we're delighted to have been a part of his business for many years.

As well as publishing a monthly online magazine for his members (Pure Health) we produce regular video content for his social media and marketing campaigns.

James has also taken our course 'Using video to grow your business' which has given him a deeper understanding of what we do and how to use video effectively. He has also grown into a great presenter on camera. So much so we've nicknamed him 'One Take St Pierre'!

Excel Business Networking

Clare Horsley has a growing business networking group, Excel Business Networking. Ambitious to expand, Clare wanted some videos that would help to expose her approach to new SME's. We spent some time helping her to develop her ideas and turn them into videos.

With very little presenter coaching she took to the camera like a duck to water and we're looking forward to working Excel Business Networking more in the future.

Active Essex

Active Essex are a publicly funded organisation, hosted by Essex County Council to promote sport and exercise within the county. Their 30:30 campaign runs every summer and we were asked to produce a whole series of videos before and during the campaign.

Active Essex already had a great presenter in Karen Laing and with some direction and editing  from us, was able to film a lot of the footage during her trips to carious community groups.

We then joined her on location to help her interview some of the counties sporting heroes including wheelchair Sprinter Richard Chiassaro.

We can make videos for you too

If you'd like to speak with us about making video, even if you have no idea where to start, get in touch and talk us through it. We're bursting with ideas.