When is the right time to publish a video?


There are a number of things to consider when you’re marketing with video. While your video may gather views and interaction over time, picking when you post can have a big impact on your results. Getting your timing right is determined by two key factors. Let’s look at those here.

1. Who is your target market?

Thinking about your target market is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your video marketing campaign is a success.

  • Who is your product or service aimed at?
  • Who do you want to impress?
  • Who do you want to buy from you?

Helping you to understand the answers to these questions is something we cover in great detail during our video marketing course (find out more here).

In determining your target market you might want to ask yourself a few questions.

  • How old are they?
  • Where do they live (geographically and on-line)?
  • What do they do for a living (if they work at all)?
  • How do they spend their money?
  • What do they need help with?

2. Where are they?

Answering the first question will help you understand the habits of your target market. This will help you to determine when they are more likely to be browsing through their favourite social media channel.

If you want Carol to buy your product you will need to know three important things about her.

  1. Where she lives. What’s Carol’s favourite social media channel? If she spends most of her time on Facebook that’s where you need to be. There’s no point posting on Instagram if Carol prefers Facebook. If Carol is in her 50’s there’s a pretty big chance she won’t be browsing Tik Tok or Snapchat. In truth, Carol may live in two or three places at once.
  2. When she’s in. Let’s say Carol doesn’t work and looks after a young family. What times will she be busy? If you post your video at 8am there’s a high chance she’s going to be running around like a headless chicken packing school lunches, shouting after her children and getting ready for the school run. She certainly won’t have time to scroll through Facebook. However once she’s dropped the kids off she might sit down for a nice cup of tea. Now that could be a better time to get her attention.
  3. What she needs. What’s going to attract Carol’s attention? What problems does Carol have that you could help with? What questions is she likely to post in Google that you have a solution for?

Penetration … not a naughty word

In order to penetrate the lives of your target market you will need to know as much about them as possible. Knowing where they are, when they’re going to be in and what needs they have that you can help with.

In fact social media makes this easier than ever before. Remember those days when marketing meant having thousands of flyers printed that went into a whole bunch of letterboxes? Is it any surprise that methods like that often returned a very small success rate?

If you’re running a business page on Facebook or a business account on Instagram for instance, you will have access to insights that clearly tell you when the majority of your followers are active on the channel. If your followers are within your target market, then that may be the best time to get their attention. You might want to check out this page too for a little more on how to get the right people following your accounts.

Want to find out more?

Finding your target market is the difference between success and failure. It will drive every single decision you make during your marketing campaign. But it can be a bit of a tricky process to get right. We know … in actual fact it’s a bit of a science. But fortunately for you it’s what we do best.

If you’d like more advice on finding your target market and building a successful campaign that will reach them please get in touch.

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