Five ways to to build better relationships on social media


If you want to succeed at the social media game and generate income from it you’ll need to put in a little work. Social media is all about being social. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and their pals want you to be social.

Let’s face it why wouldn’t you want to be social anyway? We all know people buy from people or businesses they know and trust. In order for a relationship to reach that level you have to work at it. There are no short cuts. But the good news is it can be fun and rewarding.

So with all that in mind here are five ways you can build better relationships on social media and win more business.

1. It’s all about them

We’ve said this before many times because it is by far the most important part of any marketing. Understanding your audience.

For any relationship to work it can’t be all about you. If you want to attract the right people into your life you will need to know lots about them.

  • What they like
  • What they don’t like
  • What problems they have
  • Where to find them

This is just for starters. In fact, the more you know the richer your conversations will be and the stronger your relationship will become.

It’s vital that you spend some time learning about the types of people you want to become your clients or customers. If you know where their buttons are you’ll be in a better position to press them.

2. Be a human being part one

Social media is all about building relationships. People communicating with people. Not robots communicating with people.

There are lots of tools out there that will ping out automated messages as soon as you get a new follower or even really smart ones that can have a ‘conversation’. But they are never smart enough to fool a human being. Social media networks don’t like bots or automation. They don’t serve to nurture the one thing they’re all about, building relationships with human beings. In fact, LinkedIn is actively banning users that use them and it’s only a matter of time before other platforms follow suit. People just don’t like them.

Have you ever answered an unsolicited phone call that begins with a recorded message? You can smell them a mile off right? What do you do next? Put the phone down. Yeah, we do that too.

3. Be a human being part two

Following on nicely from number two this is a really powerful way to introduce yourself and start a relationship. It’s so simple we’ve been doing it way before social media. In fact we were doing it long before the internet … or even computers. Talking.

When you earn a new follower on Instagram, make a new connection on LinkedIn or make a new friend on Facebook, send them a private message and say hi.

But wait a second … don’t type it, say it!

A voice note is so much more powerful than a typed message. Your new follower gets to hear your voice and they won’t be expecting that. It shows you’ve taken a little more effort and you value the connection more.

So, what do you say in that message?

For starters this is not a sales call. This is a relationship building call. Be human about it. Say hi, ask them how their day has been, thank them for connecting and ask them what they’ve been up to today, what they’re working on. Remember its all about them (see 1). These are called open questions because they require something more than a yes or no reply. They require an answer and that starts a conversation … and as we’ve already established, social media platforms love stuff like that.

LinkedIn will even allow you to send a short video so if you’re really brave let them see the whites of your eyes too.

4. Reply to every comment

This one is all about nurturing a conversation again and building a relationship.

If someone goes to the trouble of commenting on a post of yours, send them a reply. Follow the same tactics as we covered in point 3 and opt for comments that keep the conversation going instead of a saying thanks for commenting or just liking the comment. Remember this is all about conversation.

Plus your social media network of choice has an algorithm (I’m sure you’ve heard of it) that decides on the best posts to put in your timeline. As we now know, they love a good conversation so if your post has created a few conversations, the algorithm is going to show your post to more people.

There’s another upside to doing this too. If you’ve had a conversation with this person, that algorithm spots a budding relationship and is more likely to show them your future content.

5. Like, comment and share

If you want people to like your posts, comment on them, share them and just generally interact with you. Well, it makes sense to return the favour right?

Spend a little time each day looking at posts from people you want to build relationships with. Do all those things to generate a conversation like we covered before. Give them some support, start a conversation. Share their content if you think your audience will like it.

The upside to this is exactly the same as we mentioned in point 4. That algorithm will see you’re becoming good buddies and start showing you their posts more often. More opportunities to build that relationship.

Let’s build a relationship right now!

In truth, social media works in much the same way many of us have been doing business for years. By building relationships.

As in the real world these things take time and the more time you put in the more valuable the relationship will become.

So let’s start talking. Even if it’s for a little friendly advice.

If you’d like some advice on getting the most out of digital advertising, making great video content or getting your website to perform better … then do get in touch.