Video Production

There’s no denying that video content is becoming a larger slice of the digital content pie. Many predict that within a year as much as 80% of online content will be video based. So, it’s vital for any business to be using video as a large part of their marketing arsenal.

Great video that gets results

We can work with you to plan and produce great video that gets results. Video that portrays who you are and what you offer, in a way that is relevant and of potential interest to your audiences.

What’s important are the results. You could hire a top Hollywood director to make a video for you but if it doesn’t target the right people, ask the right questions or get the right results it becomes a pretty pointless production.

We can help you establish what you want the video(s) to achieve for you before even hitting the record button.

Our video services include:

  • Planning video content that achieves the right results.
  • Producing, shooting and editing single or multiple videos for your marketing objectives.
  • Providing every element including on screen talent, locations, music and graphics.
  • Creating a series of video content to form a larger campaign.
  • Producing multiple edits of a single video appropriate for different platforms.
  • Publish your videos onto your channels, optimised for the best results.

We can videos for you or help you to make them yourself!

If your budget is tight or you want to start making your own videos, why not take a look at our six week online course. Not only will it teach you how to find your audience, create engaging content and post on social media, we will help you to plan, present and edit your own video content.