How can video help you grow in 2021?


During last few years video marketing and video as a format developed at light speed. In 2020 with the world more isolated, video has really come into it’s own as a way for businesses small and large to connect with their customers. If you’re not already using video as a part of your marketing campaigns you really should be and here’s why.

Businesses of all sizes cannot afford to ignore video anymore. Here are six impressive stats to make you think.

  1. People will spend 100 minutes a day watching online video in 2021
  2. 95% of marketers plan to use video more in 2021
  3. 60% of people would rather watch online video over TV
  4. In 2022 online video is predicted to make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic
  5. 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of a video
  6. There are currently over 1 million minutes of video crossing the internet per second

Video helps you to make an impression

Here are three ways video can create a bigger impact over any other form of marketing for your business

Video helps you connect

It’s long been known that face to face connections make greater connections. When people get to meet you and your co-workers they begin to build a relationship and that builds trust. Video allows you to do that time and time again on a large scale. We all know people buy from people so make it easy for your audience to get to know you and begin to trust you.

Video is immediate

You can now pick up your phone and be live in front of your audience and customers immediately. Gone are the days of hiring a videography company who may spend days putting something together for you. You can literally make a live video right now. With the right skills you can really engage with that audience and make a big impact fast. There’s nothing more immediate than that.

Video is easy to make

We all have high quality video cameras in our pockets all day long. Making a video has never been easier which is partly why everyone is doing it. Learning the skills you need to make your videos create an impact is not rocket science either. We can teach you how to film, present, edit and publish a video so it doesn’t get lost within the busy world of social media.

But what if video is way too scary?

The thought of making your own video content can be a scary one. There is so much to learn and time is money right? Don’t panic! It’s what we do best. We can provide the whole package  or teach you how to do all of it it for yourself … and look good doing it.

We can help you:

  • to put together a single video, or a series of videos complimenting your existing market strategy or help you to launch a new one
  • to develop your own ideas and/or create new ones
  • turn your ideas into compelling, shareable video that reaches the right people for the right result
  • by supplying everything from the right presenter and location to the right music and graphics
  • take on a more active role, we can help you become the face on your own videos by teaching you the skills you need to look and sound great on camera

Marketing is like kicking a ball

You could have the best video in the world but without a marketing strategy … well that’s just like kicking a ball without seeing the goal. Knowing who you want to reach is vital for any campaign to work and that involves planning.

We can help you to map out a strategy, so you clearly know where your goal is and how to kick your ball.

Launching a campaign is one of the best ways to ensure you hit the right target. If you have a new product to sell or even a new company to promote, how are you going to do it? Any campaign is like a journey, with a clearly defined destination. You’ll also know the stops you’ll make on the way, where you’re going for lunch and what mode of transport you’re going to take.

We can help you to create a plan for your journey and help you reach your destination.

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