Three golden rules to making great videos


This may surprise you but the most important aspects of making a video that gets results have nothing to do with how you hold the camera, getting the audio right, adding graphics or even which camera to use.

Sure those things do need some consideration but if your goal is to make a video (or videos) that grabs attention and gets results then there are three important boxes to tick first.

When you’ve got these three things in place not only will your videos make a bigger splash with your chosen audience, they will be hungry to see more.

1. Know who you are talking to

The real key to getting results with video is understanding what your audience want to see.

People don’t care about you, they care about what you can do for them.

What are the best gifts you have ever received? For us they are the gifts where the person who bought them knew what we wanted without us having to ask. The worst gifts are the ones where the person bought what they liked and hoped we might like it too.

Making compelling video is a bit like giving a gift. If you know what your audience wants you are more likely to

  • Get their attention
  • Keep their attention
  • Make them want more

So if you want your video to reach the right people spend a little time learning about them first. Give them what they want and not what you want.

2. Get their attention

How do we use social media on our phones? Most of the time we flick through our timelines with our thumb and if something grabs our attention we might stop and look. However – that window of opportunity is very short. Your post really only has a few seconds if that to make an impression.

Then once you have their attention you have to keep it with a video that they will want to watch (see point 1).

So make a video they will want to stop for by knowing what they want and then being really clear up front about what they’re going to get by watching.

We call this technique ‘keeping your Smarties under the table’. If you had a kids party and told all the kids they would get as many Smarties as they could eat if they behaved, the party would probably go well. However if you give them all the Smarties as they walk in … well good luck with that.

3. Leave them wanting more

The goal with any video is to get people to watch the whole thing and then connect with you in some way.

You will want them to share the video with their friends, comment on it, follow you and maybe even buy from you.

So leave them with an opportunity to do that. But spell it out. What do you want your viewer to do next? That could be a number of different things. For instance

  • Visit your website
  • Join a mailing list
  • Take you up on a special offer
  • Leave a comment
  • Follow your account

This is called your ‘call to action’. If you’ve gone to all the trouble of getting them to watch your whole video don’t leave them hanging. Give them a reason to stick around.

Want to find out more?

We’re really only scratching the surface here as there are many aspects to consider that can make your videos fly.

If you’d like more advice on making your own videos, or if you’d like us to help you further please get in touch.

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