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Web Design & Build - MP2 MediaYour website is a little like a shop window. It’s the place where people come to find out about your products or services. It can also be a valuable resource for existing customers and potential customers can discover the ways in which you can help them.

While it’s important for your website to look good it should tick other boxes too so it can create customers and revenue for your business. Without the proper signposts your ‘shop front’ will end up sitting on an empty street with no customers coming in through the door.

Website success

There are several elements important for your website to succeed:

  • Know who you're making it for and how they think - understanding the needs and psychology of your audience is essential for making a website that people want to spend time on. Not only that but you';re building your site for an army of bots deployed by your friendly preferred search engine!
  • Design - Of course, it should catch the eye and invite people to discover more. We build creative and modern websites that are tailored to your audiences. We use assets you already have or create unique content to make your website really catch the eye.
  • Visibility - Your website isn’t very useful if it doesn’t get much traffic. That’s where optimisation comes in. Making sure search engines like Google will serve up your website as a solution to the problems and needs of your audience (what they search for).
  • Navigation - Your website should also be easy to use. Just like a physical shop has order (everything in the right place and easy to browse through) (think of Ikea) your website should be easy to navigate. It should be an engaging experience for the people you want to attract into your world and the right information should be easy to find. A pleasant experience on your site means people will want to stay for longer and keep coming back.
  • Analytics - It’s all about performance and in order to track that performance you’ll need to be sure the right people are finding you, where they are coming from, how long they are staying and when they leave. There are many tactics we can incorporate into your website to ensure you can track the movement of people on site and send them to the right places.


Chat to us about your website

Re-building or refreshing your website could be a stand alone project or a part of a more complete marketing management package. To find out more about how we can create a website that works for you, or how we can improve what you already have, why not get in touch for a chat.