What type of video works best?


So you’ve decided to make your first video, but what will it look like?

What type of video works best?

You could demonstrate your product or skill, solve a problem, answer a specific question, make a vlog style video or something that advertises your business?

How do you decide what form your video should take?

It’s all about the user

Everything you do with video content always comes back to how you can best serve the people you want to attract.

If you can establish what your target audience wants then you can deliver. We call it user intent:

  • What does the user intend to look for?
  • What problem does the user want to solve?

Changing the oil in a VW beetle!

If, for instance you’re a mechanic that specialises in VW cars perhaps you could demonstrate your skills by explaining how to do a simple task like an oil change on a Beetle?

This serves two purposes:

  • it distinguishes your target audience (VW Beetle owners) and;
  • demonstrates that you know what your doing.

It demonstrates that you’re the person to go to when someone needs help fixing their VW Beetle. User intent.

What will make them stop?

Remember social media is crowded. How many times have you caught yourself scrolling through your timeline? We all do it. Suddenly something grabs your attention Somehow that one post that makes you stop appears to speak to you. It ticks a little box in your brain, helps to solve your problem, helps to underpin a core belief or support something you enjoy. User intent.

In order to make someone stop and look at your video you need to tick a box. If you know what your audience is thinking you’ll be able to make a video that speaks directly to them.

Being genuine

Video is now about real people.

Sure it should look good but at the same time it should look genuine. That means the overall look of the video should look real – not fake or over produced.

Reality TV is a huge trend and while some of it is fabricated there is lots of reality TV showing real people in every day situations.

So try to make your video look like real life.